About us

For nearly 20 years, Caritas Sofia’s “Blagoveshtenie” Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration has provided art and occupational therapy for people with disabilities. As we started to sell the products at markets in Sofia, the idea of developing a social enterprise developed naturally.

Machines for cutting, embossing and badge making were bought and we began to produce a variety of cards and souvenirs for different occasions throughout the year. We continued to sell at bazaars, as well as producing larger orders for companies such as Zagorka, Niki Ltd and the Polish embassy.

Simultaneously, other Caritas Sofia projects were doing art activities, including refugee and Bulgarian women producing souvenirs together, and our project in Fakulteta where Roma children participate in activities including creative workshops.

We are delighted to have brought all of these activities together under the umbrella of our Caritart social atelier. Now you can find beautiful cards, souvenirs and gifts made by:

  • People with mental and physical disabilities
  • Refugee and asylum seeker women and children
  • Children and families at risk

All of our artists receive payment for their work, and any other profits from sales of our products go directly back into projects supporting these groups.